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UT-AFX/W4000NM Series

〜300mm Single Arm Double Arms Vacuum Clamp Bernoulli

High-payload model for wafers up to 300mm
Standard robot capable of high-payload transfer
and wide operating range


Significantly reduces wiring in the robot body and the number of external distribution cables through use of high-speed power line communication technology with a built-in servo amplifier.

Flip axis can be mounted because high-payload transfer (total mass of hand folder, hand, and work transferred is 4kg) can be performed.
Can transfer wafers with tape frame, bonded wafers, and reticles.

Wafers can be gripped not only by the vacuum chuck method, but also the edge clamp method using compressed air, and the Bernoulli method.

The Bernoulli hand will allow for gripping the perimeter of the back side of TAIKO wafers.



Model UT-AFW4010NM UT-AFW4000NM
Category Long Arm Type High Payload Type
Robot Type 4axis Cylindrical Coordinate
Operation Range X1, X2-axis 770mm 500mm
θ-axis 340°
Z-axis 300mm or 450mm
R-axis - (182°)
Max. Operation Speed X1, X2-axis 1180mm/sec. 800mm/sec.
θ-axis 200°/sec.
Z-axis 250mm/sec.
R-axis - (180°/sec.)
Operation Time X1, X2-axis 1.7sec./770mm 1.7sec./500mm
θ-axis 2.2sec./340°
Z-axis 1.6sec./300mm 2.2sec./450mm
R-axis - (1.7sec./180°)
Repeatability XYZ±0.1mm
XYZ±0.1mm, R±0.1°
Payload 1kg/2N・m (※2) 4kg/8N・m (※2)
Cleanliness Edge Clamp E/E Type ISO Class 3 (ISO-14644)
Vacuum E/E Type ISO Class 1 (ISO-14644)
Utilities Air - 0.4-0.7MPa, 200L/min
Vacuum -80kPa, 10NL/min -
Environment Temperature 0-40℃
Humidity 70% or less, No condensation

※1 Transfer performance differs from the standard when options are added.
※2 Total mass of hand folder, hand, and work


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