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UT-VDX3000NS Series

200〜300mm Single Arm

single-arm vacuum robot equipped
with direct drive motors
to significantly reduce vibration


  • Equipped with direct drive motors to significantly reduce vibration during arm operation.
  • Compatible with ultra-high vacuum environments with adoption of partition wall type vacuum seal.
  • Contributes to equipment throughput improvements with endless rotation axis specification.
  • Contributes to equipment miniaturization with built-in controller.
  • Equipped with wafer center misalignment correction function.

Realizes high-precision wafer transfer to destinations. Achieves φ0.02mm (3σ) or less.

Robot characteristics data (detailed data on wafer transfer repeatability)


Model UT-VDX3000NS
Category Standard Type
Robot type 2-axis cylindrical coordinate type
Operating range X-axis 850mm
θ-axis Endless
Z-axis -
Operating time X-axis 2.0sec. / 850mm
θ-axis 2.5sec. / 180°
Z-axis -
Repeatability XY direction φ0.02mm(3σ) (※2)
Z direction -
Payload 1.0kg (※3)
Cleanliness ISO Class 1
Mass 29kg
Environment Temperature 5-40°C (main body)/5-80°C (arm)
Humidity 20-70%, No condensation
Pressure Atmospheric pressure ~ 10-7Pa

※1 Transfer performance differs from the standard when options are added.
※2 Under our evaluation conditions
※3 Total mass of hand base, hand, and wafer


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