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UT-VFX3000NM Series

200〜300mm Single Arm

For wafers up to 300mm
Single-arm vacuum robot
with selectable arm length and Z-axis


  • Compatible with two types of arm lengths as standard, and Z-axis can be selected for compatibility with various equipment layouts.


Model (※2) UT-VFX3000NM UT-VFX3010NM
Category Standard Type Long Arm Type
Robot Type 2(3)-axis cylindrical coordinate type
Operation Range X1, X2-axis 510mm 720mm
θ-axis 340°
Z-axis (※2) (20mm)
Maximum operating speed
Max. Operation Speed
X1, X2-axis 948mm/sec. 1339mm/sec.
θ-axis 200°/sec.
Z-axis (※2) (121mm/sec.)
Operation Time
(theoretical value)
(Calculated value)
X1, X2-axis 1.2sec./510mm 1.2sec./720mm
θ-axis 2.4sec./340°
Z-axis (※2) (1.0sec./20mm)
Repeatability XYZ direction ±0.1mm each
Payload 0.7kg (including hand mass (E/E))
Cleanliness ISO Class 1 (ISO-14644)
Mass (※2) 29kg (35kg)
Environment Temperature 10-40℃ (Atmosphere side) /
0-80℃ (Vacuum Seal Unit)
Humidity 20-70%, No condensation
Pressure Atmospheric pressure ~ 10-6Pa

※1 Transfer performance differs from the standard when options are added.
※2 Values in parentheses indicate Z-axis mounting type.


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