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〜300mm Single Arm Double Arms Clamp

Drip-proof model for wafers up to 300mm
IP64-certified drip-proof robot


  • Can be used in processes where moisture is handled with realization of IP64.
  • Capable of surface coating with special chemicals.


Model UTX-RF5501RW UTW-RF5501RW
Robot Type 3-axis Cylindrical Coordinate 4-axis Cylindrical Coordinate
Operation Range X, A-axis 500mm
θ-axis 340°
Z-axis 300mm
R-axis 180°
Max. Operation Speed X1, X2-axis 800mm/sec.
θ-axis 130°/sec.
Z-axis 200mm/sec.
R-axis 150°/sec.
Cycle Time X1, X2-axis 1.6sec./500mm
θ-axis 3.2sec./340°
Z-axis 2.5sec./300mm
R-axis 2.0sec./180°
Repeatability XYZ direction ±0.1mm each
Payload 1.5kg/arm (Including E/E, E/E base)
Cleanliness ISO Class 4 (ISO-14644)
Mass 32kg 40kg
Utilities Clamp air 0.25-0.3MPaG
Internal pressure application and condensation prevention 0.05MPaG
Power supply 100-115±10% VAC, 50/60Hz, 5A
Environment Temperature 0-40℃
Humidity 20-70% (no condensation)

※1 Transfer performance differs from the standard when options are added.


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